#1 - What is the difference between CCNB and SBS?

CCNB is clay coated news back - white clay on top and brown/grey back. It is made from 100% recycled fibers. SBS is solid bleached sulphite - white clay on top and solid white through out. It is made from wood pulp and has little or no recycled content, it is what is referred to as a Virgin Sheet.

#2 - What is the difference between job lot and prime board?

With chipboard, the job lot (seconds) classification could be the result of a change over to or from a stained chip product (colour on one or two sides, or through out). With coated products CCNB or SBS there could be issues with the coating - light or missing in spots, there could be dirt or streaks on the surface. With any board product - there could be caliper variation, moisture issues, curling, warping, or blow outs (air pockets between the plies of fibers).

#3 - Recycled chipboard is the same as reclaimed or used chipboard right?

NO - used or reclaimed chipboard has been utilized at least once for what ever purpose it was initially purchased for (generally speaking, layer pads or tier sheets - there are usually ring marks on the stock from can or bottle bottoms). Recycled chipboard refers to a paperboard product that has been manufactured from 100% recycled fibers - it has never been used before.

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